The Waiting Game: The Revo Belay Device by Wild Country is being released this year.

Wild country revo release date
Wild Country Revo

The much anticipated REVO by wild country is some what gathering a large hype within the climbing world. The world of sports climbing have seen the videos and the pictures, the multiple write ups online suggest that this is one product of 2017 that is not to be missed. We got the low down for The Wild country revo release date from the horses mouth.

Having spoken directly with Wild Country myself throughout this year, the original release date for the revo was due in April 2017. Of course, at the time of writing this (22nd June 2017) we still have no Revo Belay device to available.

You Can Pre Order The Revo Belay Here

We are now looking at a release date which is still not confirmed, however, we have another rough guide that this revo will be available in late October with the possibility of going into November.

We understand that wild country are perfecting this device and the delay is mainly down to a design modification. We are excited as the wild country seem to take great pride on improving what already looks a fantastic device.

Wild country revo release date announced as October / November 2017.

Below is the wild county video showing this wonderful belay device in its full glory. No wonder why the climbing world are getting excited. Will the Wild country revo get it’s release October / November 2017?

Where can you buy the Revo Belay Device?

We are now taking pre-orders for this device here.

So why the delay from the horse’s mouth!

When we received information of the delay, we contacted the Wild Country team and they explained the following…….

The final certification process highlighted the need for a design modification to guarantee the REVO’s performance across the widest possible spectrum of rope diameters and whilst we regret that this will delay its release, ultimately we are pleased to be working with a certification body that has helped us to realise our ambition of producing the safest belay device on the market.

We will begin production of the REVO with a new supplier that specializes in precision manufacture to deliver an exceptionally high level of finish to our latest innovation.

Wild country

After this explanation, i have come to the conclusion that, this belay device, will and is worth the extra wait and the Revo will change the way belay devices are made in the future, as this is a revolution in the industry.

Wild country revo release date

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