Simarghu Harness Review

The  Simarghu Fire is the male version and the Worlds first Female specific Arborist climbing harness the Geminiis the female version.


Simarghu collaborated with an Internationally renowned arborist to design two  new harness designs– including the industry’s first and only specific harness that is specifically designed for women.

The Simarghu brand, (Sim-ar-ghu, is a  mythical dragon who protects the tree of life) represents cutting edge design with superior materials that are rugged enough to withstand the tough environment demanded by the modern arborist, but practical and well designed using experience from a world class arborist.

Craig Johnson ( a great guy ) has spent most of the last 35 years working in the trees together with supplying equipment, instructing, assessing and sitting on numerous National and International Industry Committees. He also had a long involvement with the Tree Climbing Championships, both in the UK/Europe and the USA.

Together they have created the newest additions to the product range: the Simarghu Fire and Simarghu Gemini harnesses – two gender specific harnesses incorporating support that is as unique as the wearers.

“It became clear that there was a market for practical, well designed equipment,” says Craig.

“I used my practical experience to incorporate functional design features that combine to make the Fire and Gemini harnesses a bit of a game changer.”

The Simarghu Gemini, a specific women’s harness, incorporates a special sub-harness which offers a better level of support. This is the first, specifically designed harness for women in the industry, offering bespoke support and comfort to women.
“Based on extensive industry research with the assistance of Occupational Therapists, amongst others, we recognised that the increasing number of women working at height required a fresh approach by harness providers,” says Philip Sharman, Product Manager for Simarghu.

“We are proud to be at the forefront of this movement with the introduction of the all new Gemini arborist harness, with its sub cradle of strapping ensuring a comfortable and ergonomic experience.”

Like most harnesses, the Fire (Male) and Gemini (female) can be adjusted to fit, but both offer additional levels of adjustability that set them apart from the rest of the field.

They have been designed so that additional adjustments can be made to balance the bridge position, while further tweaking can perfect how your body weight is distributed in the harness (for instance, more on the back or more on the legs). There are 3 bridge positions, aligning you forward, centrally or backward, and the bridge also slides from side to side around the body to avoid harness twist. There are numerous gear loops and attachment points.

Available for both Fire & Gemini, there is also a fully adjustable ‘one-size-fits-all’ Chest Yoke, which clips directly onto your base harness while you’re wearing it, transforming it into a full-body fall/arrest harness in under a minute. The Chest Yoke can be worn with straight or crossed straps and is suitable for many applications such as SRT, having fully rated front and rear attachment points.

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Simarghu Harness have been made for male and female arborist, by people in the trade.

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Key Features

Ergonomically designed back and leg pads with breathable open cells reducing heat and dissipating moisture
Quick clip buckles with assist release and easy adjustability
Sub harness for additional anatomical support to female pelvis
Unique lower multi-ring designed to give alternative bridge attachment points for superior load balancing – allowing up to 3 rope bridges
Unique floating bridge allowing lateral movement without twisting harness on body
Accessory attachment points for all the equipment you will ever need
Rear leg pad adjusters for optimum comfort, load and balance

Size Guide

S/M Waist – 27″/34″ Thigh – 17″-27″

M/L Waist – 34″/42″ Thigh – 17″-27″


The added value is that it comes in a roll top bag, which will make a really good waterproof rope bag. It will be exclusively distributed in the UK by Specialist Arb Dealers, for more information and stockist details visit

The Simarghu Fire and Gemini harnesses and Chest Yoke will be on general sale at the Arb Show on 12th-13th May in Westonbirt, Tetbury , Gloucestershire.


Simarghu Harness Review




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